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Welcome To Flow Study Classroom

Flow Study Classroom is an online learning platform modelled after your school's curriculum, with Flow Study Classroom you can learn at your own pace. Want to learn more? select the most appropriate option below

Get Started As Student

With a student account you can register for any class on our platform provided that you have the class code. Some of the features of Flow Study Classroom includes watching course videos, submit assignments, taking quizzes, earn and compare points and badges with our advanced gamification platform and many more.

Your Student Profile

Each student will develop a profile throughout their history on Flow Study Classroom. The student profile informs users on the current and past performance on their course materials. Students will earn badges and points based on their performance, some of whom will end up on our LeaderBoard.

Discussion Forum

Introduce yourself to your class, ask a few questions, meet new friends. These are just some of the many things that you can do with our discussion forum.

Get Started As Teacher

With a Teacher account you can easily create class material and monitor you students all from the comfort of your computer.

Create A Class

Creating a class is easy, simply enter a class name, select a subject, add your students and thats it your done. You can create an unlimited number of classes.

Select Lessons From Our Library

Yes we have a library, populated with pre-made lessons. Our library will only display materials tailored to your subject area. Simply select the lessons that you want and your students will be able to see those lessons.

Create Announcements

Have an event comming up soon? simply create an announcement. This will be displayed to students when they log on. Announcements have be toggled on or off or deleted entirely.

Create Quizzes

Want to test your users, simply create a quiz. You can either create a quiz with your own questions and answers or select questions from our library.

Create Assignments

Our assignments feature allows you to create assignments with a due date. Students will be able to upload their assignments. You can grade assignments at any time from the assignments page.

Create A Survey

Want to know what your students are up to? You can easily create a survey from your stream page. This will be displayed to students when they log on

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